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Codex Alimentarius – Bad Science, Bad Law


14 December 2010, by: Scott Tips, (National Health Federation)

Codex Alimentarius is Latin for “Food Code” and is the name taken by an international body created by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization in the early 1960s.  With two stated missions (‘to eliminate international barriers to trade’ and ‘to protect the consumer’), the Codex Alimentarius Commission has been developing food standards and guidelines for almost 50 years now.  And countries send their food bureaucrats as delegates to attend these meetings and laboriously create intricate and exacting standards that many of them think are based upon “science.”  Industry also sends its own representatives to participate in the creation of these standards and guidelines using this “science.”

The problem is that the ‘science’ that is being used is junk science – either very outdated or deliberately skewed.  Yet, the vast majority of the delegates fervently worship the FAO/WHO “expert consultations” that constitute the source of this science.  Should anyone dare to challenge the validity of this science – as the National Health Federation, the only health-freedom group that may speak out at Codex, has done – then they are the ones considered the heretics.

Keep in mind: these are global rules, intended to be put into place both internationally and domestically.  The Codex Alimentarius Commission’s own Strategic Plan 2008-2013 says so.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration agrees.  And the European Union’s own Food Supplements Directive (FSD) was written explicitly with these Codex guidelines in mind and with the idea that the EU delegate would also help shape the Codex Guidelines on Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements to be in the FSD’s own image.  The big players at Codex want uniform food rules applied globally.

And for those Codex delegates who do not have this agenda in mind, they get wrapped up in a kind of  ‘Group-think’ that lets them be led by those with an agenda.  The group-think slogan is “consumer protection”; but the reality is that Codex is not protecting the consumer so much as it is suppressing individual liberty, the right for each person to decide what foods he or she would like to eat.  And with many of the key country delegates having been ‘captured’ by special commercial interests (such as the manufacturers of drugs, GM foods, aspartame, and melamine) who want to suppress their competition through freedom-stifling rules and regulations, it is easy to see how these special interests can manipulate the bureaucrat-delegates – who already have a ‘protective’ mindset – to agree that more restrictions are necessary on safe foods and supplements.

Supplements are already the safest form of foods on the planet, with a death rate somewhat higher than being struck by a meteorite and lower than that of being stung by a bee or falling from a horse.  Yet because supplements represent a threat to the ‘sickness’ agenda of so many commercial and bureaucratic interests, they are a regulatory target.  Supplements and other healthy foods will be restricted, dumbed-down, and made less available and more expensive.

The time table for all of this has not been set in stone, but is anticipated to take place in the United States within a few years.  In Europe, however, because of the EU’s FSD, it has already started to occur in a major way, with many supplements being removed from store shelves since the FSD took full effect as of December 31, 2009.  This, however, is very different than Codex taking full effect.

In short, enforced by the World Trade Organization and increasingly written into treaties and national legislation, Codex has become the major player on the global food stage.  Hijacked by special commercial interest groups working hand-in-glove with their like-minded government counterparts who would like nothing more than to straight-jacket society and the economy, Codex has unfortunately become a force for eliminating natural remedies and health.  As always, better health comes from more, not less, health freedom.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Tips.

The above is an extract taken from a CASE STUDY  by Dounne  Alexaner  to show the adverse impact of  the EU Food Supplements Directive; Cancer Act 1939 and forthcoming Codex Alimentarius Standards & Guidelines.


Synopsis :
Dounne Alexander appeals to the Queen to protect
the nations health and livelihood.

Download  full document : Appeal  to the Queen.
[ Due to the extremely sensitive and controversial nature of this document, we are urging everyone to encourage all you know to download a copy today … as we may be forced to remove it from the site.]

On the 16th December 2010, Dounne Alexander MBE, FRSA provided the Queen with a compelling case study for the Government to OPT OUT of the EU Food Supplements Directive… and appealed to her Majesty to honour her Coronation Oath to defend & protect UK laws and citizens. In explicit detail, it exposes secret agendas, corruption, exploitation and deception against UK citizens on a national and global scale… implicating each political party. Based on factual evidence, the letter details the real dangers we will all face, if the EU Legislations becomes law in April 2011.

To ensure all of our leaders are made fully aware of the serious implications and threat to our health, lives & livelihoods, a copy was also sent to Prince Charles, Prince William, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Opposition Leaders; every member of both Houses of Parliament; UK MEPs; Regional Assemblies of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Greater London Authority.

In her compelling appeal Dounne states…

“With no one else to turn too, (as the last resort) and at the risk of being ‘criminalized’ for revealing these truths; accused of being a terrorist, extremist, conspirator, political activist, scaremonger, or mentally ill (under the Mental Health or other related Acts and forced into a mental institution)… I now turn to Your Majesty as our sovereign Monarch to intercede… as Your Government; Opposition Leaders, Parliamentary Members and MEPs do not appear to have the best interest of UK citizens at heart, nor the ‘political power’, ‘will’ or ‘influence’ in matters affecting us… where the European Union and the Pharmaceutical Industry are concerned.”

Download  full document today! : Appeal to the Queen.


About Scott Tips.

Scott Tips is the President of The National Health Federation (; an international non-profit, consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals’ rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements, and use alternative therapies without government restrictions.  The Federation is unique as being not only the World’s oldest health-freedom organization for consumers but the only one accredited by Codex to attend and speak out at meetings of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the highest international body on food standards.                                               


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