Whilst the National Health Service tore Sally Roberts life apart, putting her through a 2 month heart-breaking ordeal resulting in a national police hunt; the unlawful custody of her son, terrifying High Court actions and the media portraying her as an irresponsible mother, searching the internet for quack cancer cures which was putting her son’s life at risk. You’ll be surprised to learn that throughout all of this, the NHS was not only well aware of a safe, effective, less-invasive/damaging and painless form of Radiotherapy called Proton Beam Therapy, but has also funded this treatment in America. Yet, Sally was never told, nor Neon ever offered this vital treatment, because it was more expensive than the XRAY Radiation they insist Neon must have. Contrary to media reports, Sally was never against orthodox treatments, but simply wanted the opportunity to exercise her right to choose safer and more effective options. Nevertheless, the High Court rejected all of her pleas and (against her wishes), permitted the NHS to commence XRAY Radiation on the 10 January 2013… even though the American hospital agreed to treat him immediately with the Proton Beam Therapy. As confirmed by Andrew L. Chang MD (of the Hampton University Proton Therapy Centre), “For Neon’s case specifically, my preliminary review of his records would lead me to recommend cranio-spinal irradiation along with chemotherapy. I likewise would typically recommend ‘Proton Radiation’ in order to minimize the risk of side-effects for him. I have many years of experience treating pediatric patients with brain tumors, and over a decade of Proton Therapy experience; our Center is likewise equipped to treat pediatric patients”.

BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE… Neon’s scan showed no indication of tumour re-growth, confirming he is not in immediate danger.  But the NHS remain adamant that the 6 week course of XRAY Radiation (which could cause either long term damage or premature death), must still go ahead.   According to Human Rights lawyer – Mr. Imran Khan, the overwhelming evidence now in their possession, provides Sally with a very strong chance of winning a new appeal to halt this decision, so Neon will be free to travel to America and receive the Proton Beam Therapy.  Unfortunately Sally has been denied Legal Aid and in order to mount the appeal, she must raise at least £250,000 emergency funds, to cover legal costs and on-going treatments. She is therefore making a desperate plea to everyone (including the Natural Health community), and those who agree with her right to safeguard her son, to please MAKE A DONATION URGENTLY TODAY 

As the media have vastly distorted Sally’s story, she has documented the truth behind her struggle with the NHS here ; plus would like to urge everyone, especially cancer sufferers to read the following :

With cancer now at pandemic levels; effecting 1 in 2 people; this means the majority of us will face the same dilemma at least once in our lifetime.  Sally’s lone battle and brave stance could bring vitally needed change in the NHS which could one day save someone YOU love.



In 2012 the National Health Service tore Sally Roberts world apart, cropped-front_background1when they subjected her to a terrifying ordeal, resulting in the removal of her son Neon, to administer damaging levels of XRAY Radiotherapy, against her wishes. Sally is now racing against time to raise funds to save him, but hopes her incredible experience and life-saving information will help other cancer sufferers worldwide. With all the ingredients of a nail biting Hollywood blockbuster… this is the story of Sally and Neon Roberts.

Read Sally and Neon’s heartbreaking  story here


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